This DUX Inflatable, Custom Inflatable Air Boat is constructed with Erez E-955 pure Urethane air tight fabric.  It has a see through floor to watch the sea life of all types.  It is equipped with a 40 hp Kohler 4 stroke engine and a special airplane prop with rolled tips and an it is an adjustable pitch prop to fit your speed and noise requirement. It is being requested by the chain of resorts from Marriot to the State Parks of California.  The Decibel readings are important and reads 92 db with the hardest test and 70 db on a trailing test.  The max speed of this set up is 22mph, and can be work through the prop to reach 30 plus knots with the same power.  It also has an complete aluminum pan on the bottom off each hull for easy planning, tracking, and protection from the some of the most dangerous water obstacles and beach landings.  Its length is 22 ft and has a 8'6" beam.  The Transom and prop guard are over kill for strength and safety as well as easily opened for care and pitch change.  Pilot station complete with digital tack and steering stick with a very comfortable seat.  The gas tank is custom built to fit along with the battery near by to save space and the tank holds 10.7 gallons of fuel.

I will be posting some photos of the construction stages for review.  This inflatable boat sells for $35,200.00 USD and can be delivered in person anywhere in the USA only.  Shipping costs are added and due upon delivery.  Training will come with the drop off after acceptance. 

Many extras available.  More Info To Come.