Utility River - Fishing Boat UD-400



 The UD-400 has a protective armor that runs the length of the sponson's fixed to the bottom to protect the hulls in shallow water conditions and can be beached at speed with no damage. 

What Makes Dux UD-400, the Perfect boat for Fishing and Hunting? The Dux Inflatable boat, is a Catamaran designed inflatable with more floor space, and maximum Stability. Designed to follow the space and Stability Standards of all Dux Inflatable Boats and built with the highest quality, true UV-A / B resistant materials, (Urethane Inflatable Boat Fabric), that carries a 10 year warranty. This superior inflatable, is great for hunting, fishing, river runs and a very stable platform for several water applications. If you are in the market for a Perfect Fishing and Hunting boat, or just a great river boat for pleasure, be sure to look closly at the Dux Model, UD-400 Aka, Universal Dux, before making your decision to purchase the outdated traditional Inflatables of the past.

Dux is an innovator of superior quality in Design, water handling, smooth riding watercraft that is fit for most water conditions, with maximum safety.

Standard Features:

  • Three piece composite flooring, ½ inch.
  • Double sponson inflation design.
  • Four air chambers in all.
  • Aluminum transom with a lifetime warranty.
  • Fiberglass wing.


  • Length: 13’ 6 ”
  • Beam: 7' 1”
  • Tube Diameter: 21.70”
  • EREZ 1055   32 OZ Air tight inflatable Boat fabric.  Urethane
  • Dry Weight: 148 lbs
  • Max Persons: 6
  • Max Capacity or Load: 1500 lbs
  • Air Chambers: 4 plus wing
  • Engine Shaft Length: 15”
  • Max Hp: 25 Hp

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