Inflatable Industries, Presents;

Dux Inflatable Boat, Superlight Tunnel Hull racing inflatable boat, Model RD-400X.  SLT Class, A.P.B.A.

Rogers  "BIG BOY TOY".  Dux Inflatable Boat, California resident. 






 The Inflatable Boat of The Future and the #1 Super Lite Tunnel Boat, in the A.P.B.A., Racing Inflatable Boats, by Inflatable Industries, DUX, Manufacturing.

The Dux RD-400XL (Aka Race Dux) has an Inflatable Sponson (hi-jackers) attached on the bottom of each Sponson, for fast planing and low friction, to achieve rail like turning and unmatched Fuel Efficiency, Speed and Stability. The specifications and design are proprietary and have yet to be beaten on the race coarse.

The Dux line of, Racing Inflatable Boats, and Custom Inflatable Race Boats, (Model RD-400XL), is a Catamaran designed inflatable with TRUE TUNNEL boat technology. Features include, more floor space, Maximum Stability, Un-Matched Speeds, and Extreme Rough water handling capabilities. With many KNOCK OFF'S now immerging, and entering the race coarse, it is imperative that the engineer of these outstanding watercraft stay 2 years at minimum ahead of the competition. This is done through constant R&D, testing and a religious life style to the sport. Hydrodynamics and Aerodynamics are a key if understood correctly. There are literally thousands of physics laws and each serves a purpose. These laws are not to be left to those that are in this business for money purpose's only! You must care about the safety of the end user!

Consistently Re-designed, and sourcing with only the best of the best materials to withstand the elements in your water application.  Still the 1-US and US-1, National Champion record setting boat, (set by Matt Merten and his crew in the early years of the New Millennium on Lake Alfred, In the State of Florida.)

The Performance Standards of all Dux Inflatable Boats were set by this unbelievable watercraft. Still built with the highest quality and True UV-A / B resistant materials, (Urethane Inflatable Boat Fabric), that carries a 10 year limited warranty. If you are in the market for a versatile watercraft, and are tired of the Jet Ski craze like many Dux Boat Owners, be sure to look closely at the Dux Model, RD-400XL (Aka, Race Dux), before making your decision to purchase the outdated traditional inflatable's of the past.

Dux is an innovator of superior quality in Design, water handling, smooth riding watercraft that is fit for most water conditions, with maximum safety.  Dux, Inflatable Manufacturers.  Made in the USA.

Standard Features:

  • Three piece Starboard flooring, ½ inch.
  • Double sponson inflation design.
  • Six air chambers in all.
  • Aluminum transom with a lifetime warranty.
  • New Marine Gelcoat UV protect Fiberglass wing.
  • Transom to Sponson, Turnbuckle Support's.


  • Length: 13’6 ”
  • Beam: 7' 1”
  • Tube Diameter: 21.70”
  • 32 oz. Inflatable Boat fabric, Urethane Blend
  • Dry Weight: 237 lbs
  • Max Persons: 6
  • Max Capacity or Load: 1820
  • Air Chambers: 6 plus wing
  • Engine Shaft Length: 15”
  • Min Hp: 40 to (150 Hp., X-CLASS ONLY) 
Priced at: $10,400.00  (outboard, Props and required saftey gear, sold seperatley)
Plus Shipping, Crating $169.00.


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